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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Enjoying Joshua!

Dear Family and Friends,

A couple of weeks ago we returned to Cuenca.  Our oldest grandson, fifteen year old Joshua, met us in Las Vegas.  He and Chuck returned to Cuenca via Panama.  I, having had enough traveling, returned to Cuenca on Delta airlines without a stop in Panama.

Chuck and Joshua did sightseeing for a couple of days including a boat trip through the Panama Canal.

They arrived in Cuenca a couple of days after me.

Joshua spent about a week and a half with us in Cuenca.  We did all the tourist activities with him.  Chuck took him to the big market, three museums, the double deck tour bus, and a lot of shopping trips.

Here is Chuck and Joshua on the double deck tour bus.

On the way back to the U.S., we spent a couple of days in Quito seeing the sights.

Here is a picture of Joshua and me at the equator.

We took Joshua home to Minnesota.  We visited there over the weekend, hugging grand kids and having a great time.

Our youngest grandchild, Autumn Rose, asleep in her highchair.

Right now we are in Richland, Washington sharing time with family and friends.

 Good friends, Robin and Jim Morris at a wonderful seafood restaurant.

It is time for Matt's yearly vacation.  This year he is choosing a Canadian train trip.  We are leaving today and train from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C. tonight.  After a few days in Vancouver we will go by train to Toronto.

My ability to post as we go will depend on internet access.  I hope it works out, I love blogging as we go.

Happy "Cinco de Mayo" to all my friends from Mexico.


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