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Monday, June 3, 2013

IN-N-OUT Experience

Dear Family and Friends,

IN-N-OUT is a regional hamburger chain located in five western states.  It was started in 1948 in Baldwin Park, California. We have seen shirts with the IN-N-OUT logo.  Of course, this peeked our curiosity about such a hamburger chain, but had never actually been to the restaurant.

While we were visiting Kylie and Bryce in Dublin, California, I told her I had never been to an IN-N-OUT.  She fixed that....we went to feast on a hamburger.

The first thing we noticed was that when people use the drive thru, they give their order to a human.  Yes, a real human, not a box that talks to you. 

We went inside and this is the simple menu above the counter.

However, Kylie told us about their "not so secret" menu.  Before leaving her house, she went online and showed us what else we could order.

not so secret menu

I ordered the "Protein Style" burger and Chuck chose the "Animal Style" burger.

After placing our order, we were able to see all the staff working in the kitchen.  I liked that.

This is another persons order but just seeing their order took my expectations sky high.  Those looked like real hamburgers. Much better than what we expected.

Here is my double "protein style" bun, just wrapped in crisp lettuce.  It was delicious.

And here is Chuck's "animal style" bad boy burger.

And here are Kylie and Bryce who introduced us to our first IN-N-OUT experience.

Thanks a bunch.



  1. It's not even 10 am and I want one of those! Yummy looking. I love the drive through service too..But what do they do when it rains?

  2. Got me Karen. They are based out of California, does it ever rain in California?

  3. Looks tasty! They should start up in BC!

  4. Tasty and deadly Peter. But they sure are good!!! I am glad I could get one without the bun.


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