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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Amsterdam...Beginning of Phase Two

Dear Family and Friends,

After we sailed the Baltic our ship returned to Kiel, Germany.  For 3,000 passengers the cruise was finished.  They disembarked and most likely headed back home.  For about 30 of us passengers it was the finish of the first half of our adventure.  Chuck and I got off the ship and went into town but only for a couple of hours because we had to be back on board in time for it's next sailing.

When the ship left Kiel it spent the next day sailing.  The following day we reached our first stop....Amsterdam.

Chuck and I walked into town.  We  chose not to take an organized tour.  We have been to Amsterdam in the past so we had already seen most of the tourist sights.  We just wanted to walk around and soak up the ambiance.

This first picture is of the old palace.  It is not lived in anymore but is located on a huge square with lots of fun activity.  

This building was the old post office.  It has been turned into a shopping mall.

This is the inside of the mall.  Nice transformation and the beautiful old building is well preserved.

In the basement of the mall there was an exhibit of Rembrandt's paintings.  They were all reproductions but all of his known paintings were displayed.  It was quite an exhibit.

As we left this young man gave us a poster from the exhibit.

Some very old houses along the canal.  They are typical Amsterdam houses.

The canals are what make Amsterdam so unique to me.   There are many houseboats along the sides and some people live right on the canal.

We had to make a cheese stop at this cheese store.  Living in Cuenca, we feel cheese deprived.

We took time to have a beer at a local pub.  While there we were able to check our emails.

We walked back to the ship and started thinking about tomorrow.....Dover, England.


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