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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dover, England and some Tales of Canterbury

Dear Family and Friends,

After leaving Amsterdam, we sailed through the night and arrived at our next port, Dover, England about 8:00am the next morning.  We had all day to explore.

Here are the famous "white cliffs of Dover."

We wandered the city center and checked the early morning sights.

I guess you can tell what this is.....Great Britain's equivalent to the Dollar Store in the U.S.  The name is Poundland and everything is only a pound.

After about a half hour of looking around, we took a bus (about 30 minutes) to Canterbury for our self guided tour.

I think the most important feature of Canterbury is the cathedral. Canterbury is one of the oldest centers of Christianity in England.  It was also one of northern Europe's great pilgrimage sites, as written about in Chaucer 's Canterbury Tales.

The first picture is of the gate in the medieval wall that surrounds the cathedral until today on three sides.

A photo of the cathedral as we passed though the gate.

 Inside the Nave.

Chuck peering into St. Michael's chapel. 

It was just inside this spot that Thomas Beckett was murdered in 1170.

Another view of the cathedral from the outside.

The historic part of the city of Canterbury is very charming with it's half timbered houses and narrow pedestrian streets.

This is a bakery building I loved.  The pastries in the rounded window looked delicious and I loved the leaded windows on the upper level.

Another picture of the sea of tourists. 

After we left Canterbury we went to WWII Lashenden Air Warfare Museum.  This was a place Chuck wanted to visit.  Unfortunately they did not allow photography so I do not have any pictures to share.  Just think old salvaged WWII airplanes and you will have an idea.

We returned to Dover and enjoyed fish and chips before boarding the ship.

Our next stop is Cherbourg, France.



  1. Hello, I've been following your blog for sometime as I'm curious about Cuenca, but I must stay these pics of Canterbury brought me out of lurkdom. Such fabulous photos, and a great cruise, too. Thank you for allowing me to tag along via cyberspace!

    1. Anne, Thank you for sharing with me. We do love Cuenca but love traveling too. So I guess this blog has evolved to be the best of both worlds.

      Regarding Cuenca, are you coming down for a look see?


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