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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cadiz, Spain

Dear Family and Friends,

After leaving Lisbon our ship went south and we stopped in Cadiz, Spain.  Cadiz is located in the south of Spain on the Atlantic coast....just before you enter the Mediterranean through Gibraltar.  It is part of the Andalusian region.

It can get quite hot there but luckily we were not there in the hottest time.

 We were greeted with this nice view as we came from the port to the city.

You can tell it gets sunny and hot.  The man made shade is appreciated.

 Below is, sitting on a nice plaza, is the city hall of Cadiz.

This is the Cadiz Cathedral.  The reason that it is built with two different colors of stone is because they ran out of money for about a hundred years.  When they were able to complete it they used different stone.

 Cadiz has beautiful beaches we were told, but we didn't go to see them.  We just wandered around town, had a delicious lunch and shopped in the tourist stores.

Here is another view of the city.

I know I have not done this city justice.  It was nice but we were tired and wanted to take it easy that day.

After our ship left we went through the Straits of  Gibraltar.  Of course when we did this it was in the middle of the night.

The next morning we were in Malaga for only three or four hours.  I used this opportunity to go to the internet site just off ship to check email and have coffee.   Chuck went into the city but did not stay long.  Like I mentioned, we were getting travel weary.

We spent the following day at sea.  On Sunday, September 15th we finished our trip in Senova, Italy. The second phase of our trip was over and the third phase was just beginning.


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