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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nice, France

Dear Family and Friends,

I never really had the French Rivera on my bucket list, but since we were so close and since we had to get to Barcelona to fly back to Ecuador, Chuck worked us out a 10 day tour from Italy to Spain.  Our trip was all done by train.  In Europe the trains work very and efficient.

Our first stop was in Nice, France.  We spent three nights there.  Actually we used it as a base for taking day trips.

Below are pictures of Nice (pronounced niece).

Nice is located on the western Mediterranean.  It is a very popular spot for European tourists including, we found out, Russian tourists.

The climate is fabulous.   Many outdoor spots to enjoy refreshments, lunch or dinner.

Many tourist shops featuring herbs and lavender from Provence.

A lot of beautiful buildings.

The beach was a little of a disappointment.  It is not a sandy beach but covered in round river rock.

The large hotels and casino are located across the wide boulevard from the beach.

We didn't see many swimmers because the weather was getting milder.  However there were a lot of people sitting out on the malacon enjoying the view.

This is a car?  Four wheeler?  Not sure.  It has a steering wheel like a car.  We were told that the driver does not need a license to drive it.  For this reason, we were told, they are dangerous because the driver may be someone who has lost their license or never had one.

It is cute and probably great to drive in town...parking and all.

Nice has beautiful plazas that come alive at night.

This is one of the oldest and finest hotels in Nice.  It is said that Queen Victoria stayed there. 

I will leave you with a statue of Charles de Gaulle.


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