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Monday, February 24, 2014

Juggling Daddy

Dear Family and Friends,

I was walking the other day and saw a familiar sight here in Cuenca.

Many people entertain folks in their cars when they are stopped at a red light.  After entertaining them they pass by each car for a tip.

What really amazed me is that this was a daddy working to feed his family.  He had his two little girls sitting on the curb.  He was pulling double duty...working and baby sitting.

As I crossed the street, I looked back.  He was collecting money from the drivers.  I wonder if people gave money to him because of his juggling skills or because of his cute little girls?



  1. How much of a tip would he get?? I"m thinking of the "windshield washers" in New York, but I would imagine that Ecuador is different.

    1. Since Chuck is driver and I am in charge of handing out change, I try to locate a $1 coin. If we don't have one, we give what we can scrape together. As for other drivers, I do not know. Probably the average is either 25 or 50 cents.

      What would you say the average is in NY?


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