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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Crossing Below Avenida de las Americas

Dear Family and Friends,

Avenida de las Americas is a very busy street that circles around the city of Cuenca. (The translation is Avenue of the Americas and this road is actually part of the Pan American Highway)   It is anywhere from six to eight lanes wide.  In some parts of the street it is almost impossible to cross, for example at Fieria Libre (the largest market in Cuenca).

Years ago the city of Cuenca built an underpass so that people could safely cross the street.

At first I was a little reluctant to use it.  But after using it I found it to be quite safe.  I wouldn't use it at night, but during the day, when other people are using it, it seems safe.

Here are some pictures.

The entrance on the Fieria Libre side of Avenida de las Americas.

There is an elevator on each side of the street, but I don't know if they work.  I feel much safer taking the stairs like all the other people do.

Once you are underground, there is a nice passage with lots of shops.

Before you know it, you are ascending to the other side of the street.

It is odd looking, but it sure does the trick.


PS:  Sunday was election day in Ecuador.  To find out how the voting system here is different from the U.S. check out Rich's and Nancy's Blog.  They did a nice job of explaining how it works here.

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