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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Motivation in a Small Package

Dear Family and Friends,

I have been working on my health and making progress I might add.  Drinking juiced veggies every day and taking walks is my program.

During the Christmas holidays I met an expat, Judy, that showed me her new toy.  It is a pedometer that she wears around her wrist.  She said that having it is very motivational for her to walk more.

The beauty of this gadget is that it syncs with an app on your computer.  It tracks how many steps you have taken each day.  Allows you to see how you have done over time.  It also tells you how many calories you have burned.  The goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day.

Right after Christmas, good ol' Chuck ordered each of us a pedometer online from Fitbit.

He had them shipped through Club Correos and when we got back from Colombia they were waiting for us.

He ordered us the Fitbit Zip model.  This model clips on our clothes.

Saturday night I opened my Fitbit Zip and downloaded the app to my Mac laptop.  I also downloaded the app to my Ipod Touch.

So far, we think they are fantastic.  I agree with Judy, they are highly motivational.

Have a look:

This is the small pedometer.  I wear mine on my bra.  That way it is out of sight.

It holds snuggly with this clip.

This is the read out on my Ipod of how many steps I have taken today.  A few more to go to reach my daily goal.

Also, you can add friends so that you can keep track with how each other is doing.  That in itself is motivational.

Have a great day.


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