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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FYI...Just So You Know.

Dear Family and Friends,

When Chuck and I moved here to Cuenca, over 5 years ago, we really thought living in the center of the historic district would be so much fun.  However, we ended up buying a condo outside of the historic district.

Since we have been here, I always marvel at the condos people seem to find that are right in the middle of the city.  They have been remodeled and are modern and up to date inside while blending in with the historic city on the outside.

As you walk the historic center you would never know little gems are behind those walls.

Last Sunday, Rich, Nancy, Chuck and I met our friend, Patricia, in Parque Calderon.  We were catching up on each other's news when she mentioned she had a condo for rent only a block away.  I asked her if she would mind showing it to us since it is empty.  She agreed and we walked about a block to her building.

We were all amazed at her is nice and modern inside.  Who would have guessed from the outside?

Monday, Chuck and I went to the Colombian restaurant for lunch and who should walk in but Patricia.  I asked if she would mind if I made pictures of her apartment to share on this blog.  I explained that we would have jumped at a chance to spend our first year in Cuenca right in the center of things, but we just didn't know how to find a place.

These nice apartments become available and are snapped up so quickly.  That is what gave me the idea of posting about it here.

I guess you could call this a Public Service Announcement post.

She has a nice kitchen, modern with granite counter tops.

Nice dining area.

A living room big enough for having guests.

I love the open living area.

Her bedroom is huge.  The queen size bed looks dwarfed in it.

Sitting area in bedroom

A nice walk in shower in the bathroom.

And a view of the Iglesia San Alfonso from every window

Other than the fact that there is an elevator in this building, the best part is it is only a 3 minute walk to Parque Calderon.

This is what I know:
  • Patricia does not have this apartment listed for rent with any agency 
  • She is renting it furnished
  • She is not renting it for a vacation rental
  • She will, however, rent for as short as 3 months
I am just trying to help anyone who might be interested in renting in the historic area.  If you are that person you can contact Patricia direct.

Have a great day.


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