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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our apartment in Medellin, Colombia

Dear Family and Friends,

As I have mentioned previously, Chuck selected all our apartments for this trip through

It is difficult to know which apartment to select because although the pictures look good the apartment could be in an isolated location.  Our apartment in Bogota, although nice, was isolated from our tourist spots. Now that we have been to Bogota and know the fun areas we would select an apartment closer to our desired location.

Lucky for us, we selected the perfect apartment here in Medellin.  It is located out of the center of the city in a safe hillside neighborhood.  We have been able to walk to lovely park Lleras for dinner. It is surrounded by numerous restaurants.  We feel safe walking back home after dark.

As with our other apartments, this apartment is secure.  Guarded day and night by a private security guard.  No one can enter unless they belong there.

Link to our apartment.

Here is Chuck with our security guard, Edi.  Edi speaks English and was so helpful.  He gave us directions, called taxis and made recommendations.  He was so happy to be able to practice his English with us.

A look up from the front of the apartment....we were on the 15th floor.

Being that high made for some beautiful views from our balcony.

Looking straight down from the back of our apartment gave us a view of some private homes.  This is a neighborhood in transition.  At one time this was all upscale homes but as the condos are being constructed, homeowners are succumbing and selling to developers.

Just taking a walk in the neighborhood is a delight.  Although we didn't get much, it obviously rains here a lot.  The temperatures are so mild. The flora is abundent and large.

Here is a picture of Chuck standing by a tree.  The plants around him are plants we all recognize as houseplants.  Here, they grow outside becoming very large because of the mild year round temperatures.

The tree lined streets are lovely.

Nice shopping streets with good sidewalks.  It was a pleasure to was great and the area is so beautiful.

Our apartment was near park Llearas that is surrounded by restaurants.  Many, many restaurants.  At night this area comes to life.  All the restaurants have outdoor seating.

As you are reading this post, Chuck and I are flying home to Cuenca.

We have had a great three weeks.  Having experienced Colombia, we see it in a different light.  We would definitely return.



  1. A wonderful series if posts, what a nice country to visit. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Peter. It was my pleasure.

    2. Great post Nancy...sounds like a fun time in a nice place. The pics tell quite a story. Well done girl.

    3. Thanks, that means a lot to me.

  2. how expensive did you find Medellin compared to Cuenca?
    I noticed your place was listed as $95 per day (which seems high to me).
    BTW, can you tell me if there is an English magazine in Ecuador that most expats read?
    I'm doing some research.
    Thank you.

    1. John, We found Medellin to be a little higher cost of living than Cuenca, but not all that much. Real estate is higher, but other prices didn't seem that much more.

      Regarding the $95 per day for our condo, that is for a condo that specializes in vacation rental. These type condos are traditionally more expensive than regular rentals because their overhead expenses are a lot more.

      If we had stayed in a hotel in the same area of the city we would have paid more per night and we wouldn't have had a kitchen.

      Regarding an English magazine here in Ecuador that most expats read, I personally do not know of one. There are numerous online sites where you can get information. Too many to list them all here.

      If you are on Facebook, join the Ecuador Expat group. This is a great place to ask questions and get answers. I am sure you can get recommendations at that site for other sites to help you research.

      Good luck John,


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