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Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin, CA

Dear Family and Friends,

Kylie, Bryce and I walked to downtown Dublin to see the annual St. Patrick's Day parade that is held in Dublin.

Here are Kylie and Bryce waiting for the parade to start.

We had the sun in our eyes so the parade pictures are not that great.

It was just a fun, wholesome, hometown parade.

After the parade we walked several blocks to see the arts and crafts.

They had the typical craft show things...

This backpack looked like it could have come from Ecuador.

Kylie and Bryce checking out some paintings.

Don't you love the superman soxs with an attached cape that Bryce wore. LOL

Having a wonderful time.



  1. OH this looks like fun. So glad you got to be there! And it looks like the weather is putting on a good show for you while you are there as well!

    1. Thanks Karen, the weather is perfect. We are having a wonderful time.


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