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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Many Days at Sea

Dear Family and Friends,

We spent about four weeks on board our cruise ship, the Celebrity Solstice.  After having just spent one month traveling all over China, a month relaxing on the ship was welcomed.

Since our first two weeks on the cruise was getting from Singapore to Sydney, Australia, we had many sea days and a few ports to explore in between.

Today I will share a few pictures of our ship and on the next post, I will start sharing about our stops.

This is our ship.

This is a picture of the theater.  The entertainment was excellent. There were two shows a night. We usually had dinner first and then enjoyed the second show.

These swimming pools and hot tubs were very popular during the day, but after the sun set they emptied out. Well it looks like one person is still hanging out in the hot tub.

The lounge chairs were all full during the day. But, when the day is done, they are no longer needed and are stacked up until tomorrow.

Here is a special area for enjoying the outdoors. I never saw anyone using them so I suspect they were for rent for a pretty penny.

Right in the middle of the ship, which was open from top to bottom, there was a huge fica tree.  From below it appeared to be suspended in the air.

We spent a short time in the casino, a real short time. The machines were tight.

Our favorite bar was on the top deck on the rear of the ship.  It was a great place to enjoy the sunset.

So what did we do with many days at sea?  Not much.  Just relaxed. 

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Chuck from this trip.  I call it "The Travel Master."

One last picture. This little grasshopper was on the railing of the top deck. Our boat was miles and miles from land.  Just amazing.

Next our will share about our short stop in Bali.



  1. The "Travel Master" looks like an Indian guru. Love it!

    1. Audrey, I think if he had a jacket, western bow tie and was heavier, he would look like Colonel Sanders.

  2. Wow, that is some cool photos! I love the one of Chuck in the deck chair.. thinking... where to next?

    1. I thought he was watching the sunset but, Karen, now that you mention it, he probably was. LOL


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