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Friday, January 13, 2017

In and Out of Singapore

Dear Family and Friends,

We flew from China to Singapore on my birthday. I celebrated my 70th birthday on an airplane. Maybe that was appropriate, I don't know.

We flew to Singapore because that is where we boarded our cruise ship, the Celebrity Solstice, our new home for the next month.

We arrived in Singapore very tired. Our China trip was exhausting because we were busy touring every day. I like to have a down day now and then when traveling, just to have a chance to recuperate.

We arrived in the evening, fell into our hotel beds and slept well past daybreak. Our biggest accomplishment was using the hotel's guest laundry to wash our suitcase load of clothes.

The next afternoon we boarded our cruise ship. So that left practically no time for touring. 

Here are the few pictures we took.

We walked a couple of blocks around our hotel before we took a taxi to get on our ship. Here are some photos of what we saw.

A little side pedestrian street.

I am not sure if this is a Buddhist temple or what, but it was a Sunday and many people were going there.

These interesting flower buds were for sell on the street. I am pretty sure they are going to be lotus blossoms. They were huge.

We found an electronics mall. Yes, a whole mall just for computers, cell phones, cameras, etc. We bought some adapters and Chuck got a new battery for his tablet.

Then we ate lunch. Singapore does not have street food like some countries. They moved all the street vendors inside food courts. We ate at one of these and had a wide range of choices.

After lunch we gathered our things and took a taxi to the port. To me, this is the most frustrating part of cruising. Long lines of eager people anxious to get on board the ship. 

We finally got on board and in the picture below Chuck is checking out the balcony of our room.

I took this picture from our balcony of a building in the Singapore harbor. It is actually three buildings which are all topped with what looks like a huge ship.
Very unique and iconic of Singapore.

We went to our emergency evacuation lecture and then relaxed before going to dinner and a show.

The first day of a cruise is the most hectic, after that it is all smooth sailing, so to speak.

My next post will be about our ship.



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    1. It was good Audrey, and maybe $5 or $6 each plate. The enclosed food vendors are a great way to eat in Singapore. They had vendors of Indian, Chinese, Malaysian and other kinds of food. Just walk around, and pick what looks the best.


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