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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mexico City, Mexico...First day of touring.

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I took different flights out of Quito to get to Mexico City. I left Tuesday, at midnight, on Delta and flew to Atlanta, Ga, then connected to a flight to Mexico City. I took the Delta flight so that I can visit my family in Georgia on the way home. 

Chuck left on Wednesday morning at 9:45am and flew directly to Mexico City on Aeromexico. The amazing thing is that we arrived in Mexico City only ten minutes apart.

Thursday we took the double deck tourist sightseeing bus. Mexico City is so big that there are four different routes.  We could only manage to get two of the four accomplished.

This monument to Jaurez is in the historic part of the city in Alameda Park.  

The picture below is of the oldest cathedral in Mexico. It took three centuries to finish building it. It is called the Metropolitan Cathedral.

This is just a picture I like.  This statue was on the side of a church. I took it from the top of the tourist bus.  

Chuck and I spent some time in Mexico City about thirty years ago.  We can not believe how much it has changed.  There are many neighborhoods with outdoor restaurants. The weather on Thursday was terrific.

Here is my lunch.  I ate every bite.  So delicious.

Mexico City has fantastic shopping malls.  This mall had so many upscale stores that I remember from the U.S.  

Can you count the number of shops in this one picture that are U.S. franchises?  Outside of the historic distract, it is hard to believe we are not in the USA.

Tomorrow we are doing some museums.  Many fantastic museums here, it will be hard to choose which ones to see.


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