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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Museum of Anthropology - Mexico City

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday, we spent the whole day at the Museum of Anthropology, here in Mexico City.  We had planned to do this museum and one other, but the exhibits were so fascinating that we decided not to rush and enjoy this one museum.

We had hoped to be able to use an English audio guide. Unfortunately, they no longer provide them to visitors. Therefore, I can not give you detailed information about what we saw.

All of the exhibits are artifacts that were created by the Indigenous before any European contact.  These exhibits are incredible, especially when you think about the history we learned in school, that when Columbus discovered America, he found savages living here.  

Well, my friends, just take a look at this art.  I will start with some of my favorite pieces of pottery from the exhibit.

These were some of my favorite figures and statues.  

This is a replica of the intricate work that was in the wall of the pyramids.

This is a necklace and collar made from the lining of shells.  

This small art piece is a wolf or coyote with a man's head inside his mouth. Very detailed work that appeared to be made of mother of pearl.

This is a monkey face gargoyle. There was a trough in back to catch the water and it ran out his mouth. It is amazing to me that cultures (European and American) who had never come in contact, were making such similar items.

This is a musical instrument, like a xylophone. 

Not exactly sure what this large stone carving is.  Maybe a calendar?

I was amazed at the incredible art work.

Gold jewelry.

Having just been in China, this mask looked oriental to me.  Amazing.

This mask had been decorated with inlaid shell lining. 

Some of the exhibits were displayed outside. This first picture is a replica of a wall.  The detail carving is awesome.

Chuck looking at an exhibit that looks like it came from an Indiana Jones movie.

This head was carved before any contact with the Spaniards. Is it just me, or does it look to have African, or maybe Polynesian, features to you too? 

Another Indiana Jones moment.

We arrived at the museum about 10:00am and stayed until about 4:00pm. Except for taking a break for lunch in the museum cafe, we were busy exploring the culture of these people through their art.

If you are ever in Mexico City, this museum is a must see.  

Tomorrow I will share with you about our visit to the Museum of Tolerance. 



  1. That muscle man statue looks chinese as well.. very cool photos. Did you want to holler out, anyone bilingual in English/Spanish? :)

    1. Each item in the exhibit had a description in Spanish. We got along by reading and making up what we thought it said.

  2. I just marathoned through your last two months of posts. Somehow you fell off my list of blogs to read! Great stuff! You travels are amazing...

    Cheers, from very snowy Vancouver Island.

    1. Great to hear from you again Peter. Snowy Vancouver Island??? That is rare. Enjoy it.

  3. Yes, that's the Aztec calendar. You'll see it everywhere, on jewelry etc. So glad you got to this museum. It's my favorite in Mexico.

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