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Monday, February 13, 2017

More Pictures of Puebla

Dear Family and Friends,

Bob Cox took us to the oldest library in the western hemisphere.  It is beautiful and looked like a scene from Harry Potter.

I loved this old globe.  

Last night, Bob and his wife, Raquel went with us to a Brazilian restaurant for dinner.  Here is Raquel looking on as the waiter was cutting meat for her to enjoy.

Here we four are, stuffed and happy.

Last night, we decided to have breakfast together this morning.  While we were waiting for the others we had a special coffee recommended by Bob.  The waiter made a production of adding the milk.

Here we are after breakfast with Bob and his beautiful family.  Chuck and I were made to feel so welcome. They are beautiful people.    

After breakfast, Bob took Chuck and me to some museums.  First we went to a museum featuring music of Vienna. Sorry no pictures of that.

The next museum we went to was a museum of puppets.  It was really amazing. I felt like we were in a museum in Prague.

Here is Chuck with a very tall Pinocchio.

After that museum, we went to the land of the giants.  The giants were us, the people viewing the exhibit.  The exhibit consisted of miniature iconic structures from all over the world.

Here is the Sydney Opera House.

The Great Wall of China.

The Tower of London.

Finally, we went to an antique car show.  We saw many cars and here are a couple of favorites.

After we said our goodbyes to Bob, Chuck and I went back to our hotel for a rest.

Later we went to the main plaza.  It is a beautiful park.

We had dinner at an outside seafood restaurant right on the plaza.  I ordered the pineapple stuffed with shrimp.

Chuck ordered octopus.

After dinner, we walked around the plaza and ran into a tea party.

Lots of balloon vendors.

As we walked back to the hotel, I took this picture of the cathedral all lit up.  You can see venus in the sky shining brightly above it.

A wonderful day in Puebla.



  1. A busy day with lots to see and especially lots to eat! I love the picture of the lit up church. Puebla is a beautiful town.

    1. Peter, Puebla is a beautiful town. Lots of things to see, do and eat here for sure.


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