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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Puebla, Mexico

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I took a bus from Mexico City to Puebla last Sunday. We have spent the past week sightseeing in Puebla and near by sites.

The most interesting thing about this part of our trip is that we have a wonderful tour guide. Although Bob Cox and I are from the same town of Columbus, Georgia, we have never met face to face until this week.

We met through Facebook about three years ago. He told us we would love his part of Mexico and we decided to take him up on it.

Bob has lived in Mexico almost fifty years. His wife is Mexican and he is a Mexican citizen also.  He is a tour guide and, of course, speaks excellent english with a wonderful southern accent.

The following are some of the things we have seen in the city of Puebla.

This church, turned fort, is the site of the battle of Cinco de Mayo. It was at this time that Mexico won it's independence from Spain in 1821.

Inside the fort is a museum. Among the exhibits was this physical replica of the national symbol of Mexico. This is the emblem that is on the Mexican Flag.

When Mexico was at its height its territory reached as far north as Utah and as far east as the Louisiana border. This was around 1835.

I took this picture of one of the beautiful pedestrian streets in Puebla from the double deck tour bus.

St. Augustine church.

Fountain of the founding fathers. This fountain was constructed in the 1700's.

The house of Aquilles Serdan, where the revolution started in 1910. You can still see the bullet holes in the facade.

A street vendor in Puebla.

This candy is made from sweet potatoes and it was made originally by the Santa Clara convent. It is very popular here in Puebla. I tasted some and it is hard to believe that it is made from sweet potatoes.

Chuck and his new girl. Maybe that bottle of tequila she is holding was just too much for him to resist.

This is the main panel in the Santo Domingo church. The panel contains images of religious figures.

To the right of chapel of the rosary in the Santo Domingo church.  The gold leaf work is beautiful.

This is the beautiful church of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico. Unfortunately, we didn't see the inside.

More pictures of Puebla later.



  1. So many pretty sights. I look forward to seeing much more of Mexico. Last winter in San Miguel was a good start...

    1. Peter, We have never been to San Miguel, but have heard wonderful things about the city. Maybe one day we will get there.


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