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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Baltic Cruise - Warnemunde, Germany

Dear Family and Friends,

We had another day at sea before we arrived in Warnemunde, Germany.

When we arrived there we took a tour bus that took us to Rostock, Germany. We saw St. Peter's Church.  St. Peter's Church was built in the middle of the 14th century.

The stained glass windows behind the choir are decorated with scenes from the life of St. Peter.

Another church we went to is St. Mary's Church. This church was built in the 13th century. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture to share of the outside, but this astronomical clock that was on the inside stole the show for me.

It was built in 1472.  It consists of three parts. At the very top is apostle-go-round giving an hourly performance. The apostles go by Jesus for his blessing before entering heaven, then Judas the last apostle has the door shut in his face.

The second part is clock with the zodiac signs and phases of the moon.

The third part is a complicated calendar that tells what day any date falls on.

It is amazing technology for the time.

We had lunch in the main plaza.  Once again it looked just like you would want an old town in Europe to look.

Chuck broke his glasses.  Since they are the can that darken in the sun, he looked like a pirate.  All I can say is better half blind than all blind.

The Baltic cruise ended by returning to Copenhagen, Denmark.  However, we signed on for the subsequent cruise of the North Sea.  My next posts will be about the sights in Norway, Scotland and England.


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