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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

North Sea Cruise - Oslo, Norway

Dear Family and Friends,

In Copenhagen over a thousand people got off the ship to go home.  Those of us who were continuing on were given a pass so that we could get on the ship easily after enjoying a day in Copenhagen.

We sailed away and headed for Oslo, Norway. I really looked forward to this because we have not been to Norway before. Unfortunately, when we arrived in Oslo I was having a reaction to some medication that I had just started so I sent Chuck out to enjoy the city.

I did take a picture from the veranda of the ship and here it is:

This is Akershus Fortress, it is a medieval castle that was built about 1290 to protect Oslo.

I stopped taking the medicine and thankfully the rest of the cruise went great.

The next port we went to was at Kristiansand, Norway.  Pictures in my next post.


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