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Monday, July 10, 2017

Matt's Vacation - Anime District of Tokyo

Dear Family and Friends,

You don't have to go to the anime district of Tokyo to buy anime books.  Every book store has tons of them.

However, if you want to experience the folks in costumes or the maid cafes your best bet is to go to the center of this activity, the neighborhood of Aklhabara.

When we were in Tokyo years ago this area was known as the electronic district. There are still many electronic stores here, but now these stores share the spotlight with the anime world.

Here is Matt shopping in a book store.  He was able to find a small section that has anime books translated to English.

These book stores also carry tons of anime toys and gadgets. The book stores cover three or four floors.

In Aklhabara there are tons of girls dressed like the anime characters.  I was not supposed to take this picture, but I accidentally hit the button on my camera.

Usually, they are beckoning you to come have lunch in their cafe.  The cafes offer singing and dancing by the girls, an expensive simple lunch and an opportunity to have your picture made with the character of your choice.  Matt has his picture tucked away somewhere in his wallet I am sure.

Young folks are not the only ones that read these books.  Here is a man at a restaurant deeply absorbed in his anime book.  The best way I can describe this type of book is that it is a novel with anime pictures depicting the story. 

Tokyo is quite amazing at night with all the colorful lights.

If you look at this picture very close you will see another famous character from Japan. This picture was taken on, none other than, Godzilla street.

Here is Chuck showing the Godzilla mask he found.

Seeing Tokyo through Matt's eyes was so much fun.



  1. It's nice to see you blogging again. Tokyo looks like an exciting city.

    1. Tokyo is a nice place to visit...lots to do. We only had a few days but we really enjoyed what we were able to see. Thanks for the comment my friend.


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