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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Matt's Vacation - Tokyo Historic District

Dear Family and Friends,

Tokyo is a big modern city. It looks like a lot of big cities...modern buildings.  To get a taste of what Tokyo was in the past one must go to the historic part of the city...Asakusa.

We took the subway from our neighborhood to Asakusa to enjoy this tourist location.

We happened to be in Tokyo during Golden Week. This is a week where the Japanese have lumped several holidays together and the whole country gets a week off of work and school.

Because it was Golden Week, the historic district was very crowded.

Also, because it was Golden Week, many young Japanese girls wore the traditional kimono to visit the historic district.

Because it is a tourist location, all the stores were aimed at selling to tourists. You could even buy kimonos there.

Chuck and Matt enjoying a miso soup stand.

Whatever it takes to get the tourists to visit your shop.

Of course, the visit was not complete without a rickshaw ride.

This artwork it not part of the historic district, but you can see it across the river from there.  It is a commissioned piece that sits atop the headquarters of a Japanese beer brewery.

We really did not know what it was supposed to be, but we heard that the locals refer to it as the big golden turd.


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