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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Matt's Vacation - Tokyo Subway Experience

Dear Family and Friends,

The Japanese people put several holidays together to create the Golden Week. This is a full week of holidays meaning no one is going to work or school as they normally would.  They are all on vacation and probably many out of town. This meant for us, that everyday we took the subway, it was like taking it on a Saturday. We were always able to get a seat and the cars were not too crowded.

The thing that tickled me was the number of passengers that sleep on the car. How do they not miss their stop?

We, of course, did not dare close our eyes.  We had to keep them peeled so we could pay close attention to the reader board. We wanted to make sure we did not miss our stop.

Having everyone asleep around you can make it hard to stay awake if you are tired. Matt looks pretty tired here, but he did not go to sleep.


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