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Thursday, July 27, 2017

North Sea Cruise - Kristiansand, Norway

Dear Family and Friends,

Our next port was Kristiansand, Norway.  This was a fun, small, very walkable town.

Here is Chuck posing in front of a stuffed moose they had on the dock.

And this is an artsy photo of our ship's reflection in the glass windows of the Kiden Theater.

The wooden houses were so pretty and bright.

The main shopping street was all pedestrian. There were many interesting buildings.

We couldn't have asked for better weather.  It was easy to see that Kristiansand is quite a tourist town.  There were souvenir shops everywhere.

Do people send post cards anymore?

Here is Chuck posing at a tourist shop behind a troll.  As you can see, Chuck got his glasses fixed...well fixed Chuck style, he taped the lens back in.  "Gotter Done."

Our next town was Stanvanger, Norway.  The weather was not quite as nice but got some pictures anyway.  I'll share them with you next time.



  1. So many pretty little towns... Great pictures as usual.

    1. There sure are Peter. Thanks for stcking with us.


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