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Sunday, August 6, 2017

How I Cured my Dizziness

Dear Family and Friends,

The combination of my viral inner ear inflammation and the pressure change caused from many airline flights I was feeling dizzy and nauseous most of the time.

While on the cruise, I used wrist bands that have a tab in them that help with the nausea and dizziness.  They helped and I was glad to have them.

After we returned from this last trip I went to the ear doctor and he checked my ears and said they looked much better.  I told him I was still having some dizziness and he gave me a anti vertigo prescription to help.

I didn't want to take the prescription because I did not like the side effects.

A day later, Chuck and I walked to the grocery store. On the way home we ran into our friends, Jerry and Rhonda. We chatted at bit and I told them that I was still having some dizziness.  Jerry shared with me an exercise he uses that might help me.  He emailed me a Youtube video on how to do it.

Let me tell you friends, that exercise worked a miracle on me.  It cured my dizziness right away.

Yesterday, I felt a little bit off so I did the exercise again and by golly it worked.

Now I know what to do about feeling dizzy.  I can catch it before it gets too bad.

I am going to share the Youtube video with you because I think it may help someone else that may be dizzy.  It sounds crazy but it really works.  I read that some people suffer from being dizzy for years and do not know to do this exercise that will give them relief.

I know this might seem weird, but honestly it has made my life so much better.  I am all the way back to normal, I feel great and am now taking long walks with no discomfort.



  1. Great news, and I love this last photo of you.. ;) That scarf is so pretty with that coat, perfect colors for you!

    1. I love that scarf so much...thank you for making it Karen.


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