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Thursday, August 3, 2017

North Sea Cruise - Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Dear Family and Friends,

Our last place to visit on this cruise was Newcastle, England.  We actually docked outside of Newcastle and had to take a train into the city.  At the train station we saw a big sign advertising a flea market.  We decided to go into the city and get back to also enjoy the flea market.

Newcastle got it's name from the castle built in 1080 (almost 1,000 yrs. ago) by William the Conqueror's son, Robert Curthose. Robert built the castle to replace a demolished wooden castle, therefore the name new castle.

The city developed around this castle and settlement and took on the same name.

We knew we wanted to see the castle and we knew we couldn't be too slow about it if we were going to enjoy the flea market also.

The stone buildings reminded us of the buildings we saw in Scotland.  I am so happy they are still there for us to enjoy.

Below is a picture of the Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas.  I really like the red bird house shaped clock on the bell tower.

It was just around the corner of the cathedral is where we found the Black Gate, built in 1247-50,  the entrance to the castle.

Chuck walking through the Black Gate.

Although most of the castle complex is no longer there, a lot of ruins were still left to see.

We went inside the castle which housed a museum.

A chest protector, part of heavy armor worn.

A replica of an early grenade made out of clay.  I had no idea grenades were used that long ago.

Here is Chuck in the great hall of the castle.

 Ok, here we go, indoor toilet.

This is a close up of the sign in the picture above.

Chucked climbed to the top of the castle and made these two great photos.

We walked back to the train station enjoying the beautiful stone buildings.

Below is St. Mary's Cathedral, located right across the street from the train station.

This is the sign we saw, before going to Newcastle, at the train station.

This is the wonderful flea market we enjoyed.

We sailed away and had a day at sea before arriving back in Copenhagen.

We had a fabulous cruise and saw so many wonderful places.  If you have been following along with us via the blog, I sincerely thank you.



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