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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

North Sea Cruise - Edinburgh

Dear Family and Friends,

Our shipped docked at South Queensferry, about a 30 minute drive from Edinburgh.  We took a shuttle bus from the pier into the city.

One of the first things we do when we arrive at a port is look for wi-fi so we can check out email.  After we got off the shuttle we found a Starbucks within a block or so.  It was on the second floor of an old stone building (which there are a lot of in Edinburgh).  Here is a picture of customers enjoying their coffee and a view of the Edinburgh Castle out this ornate window.

After caffeine and internet, we walked the shopping street, known as the royal mile.  The stores had a lot of kilts for sale, along with tons of other tourist Scottish souvenirs.

Hats to complete the outfit.  

The beautiful sunny day was starting to give way to dark clouds.  We wanted to get into the old part of Edinburgh that you can see in the picture below, so we hopped on one of those tour buses.

Edinburgh is a very popular place for tourists.  It was very crowded the day we were there and being above the crowds on the bus was probably the best thing for us.

I love this old concrete and stone building.  It must be quite old because it juts out into the sidewalk.

We went past Greyfriar's Kirk cemetery. It is a very old cemetery dating back to 1561 and is alleged to be haunted.  Don't you love the moss covered headstones?

This domed building is the headquarters of the Bank of Scotland.

A typical shopping street in the old section of Edinburgh.

Another cemetery that is located behind Canongate Church. The church was built in the 1690's.

An ernormous monument to the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns.

Locals enjoying a game of Lawn Bowling.

The castle in the center of the picture below is Holyrood Palace.  It is the official residenc of the Royal Family.  When Queen Elizabeth comes to Scotland this little cottage is where she stays.

The statue below is of Prince Albert.  It is located in Charlotte Square and is right across the street from where our shuttle bus let us off.

The Scottish people are very proud of their heritage.  You see many men dressed in kilts, especially for special occasions.  Here are a few we saw.

These kids were picking up some money by playing bagpipes in the park.

We even had a fellow telling us goodbye on the pier in full traditional dress.

Although, we did not take a guided tour on this trip to Edinburgh, we will next time. Believe it or not, we will be returning to Edinburgh in September.  We have a tour lined up that will take us to Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace and the Royal Yacht Britannia, home to Her Majesty the Queen for over 40 years.  We hope to see what life is like aboard.  I hope I can take pictures inside.

Also, we may have the good fortune to be joined on this tour by a couple, whom many of you know.  I won't say who they are because we do not know if it will work out, but if it does, what a fun day we will have with them.

Our next port is in Newcastle, England.  The actual name is Newcastle upon Tyne.  Doesn't that sound so British?  



  1. A beautiful city, I left there with bagpipes! Not the very expensive kind but still quite pricey. They lasted more that 30 years and then they just fell apart... What an amazing journey you were on!

    1. Peter, it sounds like it is time for you to make another trip to Scotland.


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