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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Inveraray Castle, home of the Duke of Argyll

Dear Family and Friends,

Our next stop was Inverness, Scotland, but instead of visiting the city, we went on another tour.

My favorite castle to visit was this one, Inveraray Castle, located near the town of Argyll.  Three things made it extra special.  (1) It is still partially occupied by the Duke of Argyll and his family. (2) It was used as the setting for the Downton Abbey Christmas Special in 2012, and (3) We got to tour inside and take pictures.

It has been occupied by the Dukes of Argyll since the seventeen hundreds. The current and 13th Duke of Argyll is quite young, he was born in 1968.  

This is a view of the front of the castle from the outside.

Chuck approaching the front door.  YES, they let us in the front door!

This is the State Dining Room.  Although I have not seen the Downtown Abbey special that was filmed here, I was told this room was used.

The Tapestry Drawing Room was beautiful.  Such delicate furniture.

The ceiling was spectacular.

Off from the Drawing Room was the China Turrett.  We were told that even though it is on display, it is still being used today.

This picture in the Entrance Hall is most likely the current Duke's father or Grandfather.

Here is a portrait of an earlier Duke.

The big room in the middle of the castle is called the Armory Hall.  Guns, spears and swords were artfully displayed.

Behind the Armory Hall was the Salon.  Actually pretty modern looking for its time.

In the corner was a grand piano with family pictures displayed.  We were told that Lerner and Loewe composed some of the songs for their musical, My Fair Lady, while they were guests there.

The North West Hall is located between the ground floor and the second floor at the landing of the stair case.

It contains a collection of costumes worn by the family through the ages up until the present day.

The Victorian Room on the second floor is a tribute to the marriage of Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria, and the 9th Duke of Argyll.

The desk on display was a gift from Queen Victoria to her daughter when she married the Duke.

The bedroom on display is said to be haunted.  The hairs did not raise on my body so maybe it is true or just a legend. 

Off from the bedroom was the Picture Turrett.  It was filled with all sorts of pictures and other memorabilia.

This is a collection of photographs made when the Downtown Abbey special was filmed there.

This photograph is a picture of the current Duke when he was christened.

This is a picture of the Duke's daughter, Lady Charlotte Mary Campbell.  

A peek out the window to the gardens below.

Last, we were able to go downstairs to the scullery.  

This kitchen was last used as a working kitchen in the 1950's by the current Duke's grandmother.  There was quite a copper cookware collection on display.

I am so glad the family permits picture taking and that I can share the inside of the castle with you.

Of course, the rooms we saw are not used by the family but on very special occasions.  They have the other half of the castle as their living quarters.  

Our next stop was Edinburgh, Scotland.  We saw the Royal Yacht Britannia and I will share pictures in the next post.



  1. What a lovely little house... I wonder what the property taxes amount to!

    1. Peter, I can not imagine. I am sure that is why they have opened it up to the public. I can not remember what the cost is to tour, but when we were visiting it, there were a lot of other tourists. Also, letting it be used for the Downton Abbey episode probably brought in a nice amount.


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