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Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Royal Yacht Britannia

Dear Family and Friends,

We took a tour when we arrived in
 Edinburgh, Scotland. When we were there a couple of months ago, we just self guided ourselves in the city.

This tour took us first to the Royal Yacht Britannia.  It was decommissioned in 1997.

There were about 150 to 200 people touring the boat at the same time we were.  This is always a problem with big bus ship tours.  At least half the people were trying to take pictures.  I did the best I could...

This is the office of the ship's captain.

The dining room where the ship's officers ate.

 This room is the sun lounge, used by the royals.  It is said to be the favorite room of the Queen.

 A display of the silver used on board.

A place setting at the table in the State Dining Room.

It is set up for a large number of guests.  Many notable guests were served here, including Sir Winston Churchill, President and Mrs. Reagan, Frank Sinatra, Nelson Mandela and President and Mrs. Clinton.

This is the Queens Sitting Room which also served as her office.

view from another angle.

The Grand Staircase, where the Queen would usually welcome visitors aboard the Britannia.

The State Drawing Room, the official reception room.

It was a large room and it even contained a grand piano.

This is the Duke of Edinburgh's Sitting Room and Office.  

Sitting alongside the Britannia is the royal barge.  It was used when the Royal Family wanted to go to shore when the Britannia was anchored.

What about the staff?  The seamen slept in bunks below.

There was even an operating room below. To justify the cost, the Britannia was designed to convert to a hospital ship in time of conflict.  This never happened.

The laundry facility downstairs.

It was a fun and fascinating tour.

In the afternoon we went to Edinburgh Castle after joining our traveling friends for a fun reunion lunch.

I will share about that in the next post.


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