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Friday, October 20, 2017

Wye Valley Tour in Wales

Dear Family and Friends,

On our second day tour with we went to the Wye Valley.

I will start this post with my favorite site on this tour.  Tintern Abbey is about 500 hundred years old.  It is partially destroyed.  As it turns out, for me, this makes it much more spiritual.

As you can see in the picture below there is no floor, window glass or roof.  The abbey was damaged during the English civil war.

This is the abbey from outside.

Inside, the daylight streams in, making it grandeur. 

I couldn't stop taking pictures.

I felt so in touch with my spiritual self.

We stopped in Beacon village for lunch.

I saw this sign in a pharmacy window.  It reminded me that although I speak English, I do not speak the "King's English."

We both ordered another wonderful meat pie.  

The back roads in the Wye Valley are absolutely beautiful.

We stopped in the town of Monmouth for independent sightseeing and shopping. 

Monmouth's claim to fame is this medieval gated bridge, the only surviving one in Great Britain.

My new favorite.  I have seen this beer in New Zealand and other countries on this trip, but I had not tried one until this day.  It is so delicious.  If you love ginger then try one if you ever have the opportunity.

Outside we saw this sign.  Yuk, I said....

Well, Chuck went for it.  This, my friend, is a Bacon Bap. 

One more day left.

Will share our last day in Wales in the next post.



  1. someday you'll have to try the ginger beer at Quetzal in Mindo -- delish!

    1. The next time we are in Mindo I will be sure to to to Quetzal try some. Thanks for the tip. I didn't know that ginger beer was available in Ecuador.

  2. I have never had a flu jab, nor a bacon bap! But that ginger beer I'll try!

  3. I don't get flu jabs and the bacon bap didn't appeal to me either. Chuck ordered the bacon bap for educational purposes.

  4. Tintern Abby was definitely one of our favorite spots in Wales. You're right, it has a real spiritual feel about it. There was also a great museum in Swansee that we didn't get to spend nearly enough time viewing. (and try a Moscow Mule, it's with Ginger Beer!) We have to travel together sometime - love the same things. Chuck and I will definitely be the food tasters!! Just booked our trip to China/Tibet with Gate 1. Late May-early June

    1. Traveling together would be great. Hope you enjoy your Gate 1 tour to China, especially after we recommended them. Who knows what is in our futures.


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