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Thursday, October 19, 2017

South West Wales Valley Tour

Dear Family and Friends,

We took a day tour outside of Cardiff.  We went with a small tour group operated by  We used them for three days of touring.  The first tour we took was the South West Wales Valley Tour. I highly recommend them if you are in Cardiff.  

If we have ever seen a castle that looks like Rapunzel's castle, this is it. This is Castell Coch.  It was originally built in the 13th century by a Norman Baron. It was later destroyed by a Welch man in the 15th century.  It was rebuilt by a Scots man in the 19th century.   

We only saw the castle from the outside, but it was quite impressive.  

We then went to Caerphilly town to visit Wales' largest fortress, Caerphilly Castle.

Here is Chuck on the bridge over the moat in front of the castle.

Inside the castle gate was a sculpture of a red dragon coming out of the ground.  The dragon is the symbol of Wales.

It is now a museum, empty but beautiful.

This is the castle fortress from across the moat.

The Queen came to the castle in 1977 and unveiled this plaque marking her Silver Jubilee.

Geese enjoying the moat surrounding the fortress.

We then headed into highlands.  We stopped because our driver, a lover of animals, has befriended this sheep.  He has named her Gladys.  When we pulled up to the view point (which was fogged in by the way) out of a hundred sheep grazing, she came running toward him.

He fed her apples and carrots.  Why she is the only sheep that is comfortable around him and us strangers I do not know.  It was so much fun to watch her interact with him.

Here is Gladys.

We went to the Brecon Beacons National Park on the eastern region by the Black Mountains.  Even though the day was overcast and threatening rain, the scenery was fantastic.

This is an ancient stone erected before Stonehenge.

More incredible views.

Wales is a beautiful country.

More tours to share in future posts.



  1. lovely pics! why did Gladys have red splotches on her back? is that how owners "brand" their sheep?

    1. I forgot to mention about the splotches. The owner marks his sheep when they are pregnant. They are marked to let the owner know if the sheep is carrying twins, triplets or, very rarely, even quadruplets. This way the owner can keep a watch out on their health.


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