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Monday, March 12, 2018

Adventures in India - Part 1

Dear Family and Friends,

Our month in India was fantastic. We are so glad we decided to go there. The best decision we made was to join the Gate1 tour. If we had tried to do this trip on our own, we would have been overwhelmed.

I am going to use this first post to share an overview of India.  I made over 4,000 pictures so I have been heads down trying to sort and edit them.  I am still working on that, but here are some pictures to give you my overall impression of India.

These are some pictures made throughout our trip.  

This man is scrubbing the mosque steps.

Not all cattle roam freely through the streets, some are working animals.

A man making a delivery.

This man saw me in the window of our tour bus and held his baby so I could get a picture of it.  

Family outing.

Horses and carts in the street.


Busking ... got to earn a living.  Some ways are more creative than others.

I took many, many pictures from the tour bus.  I especially liked this one.  The two smaller boys are clinging together in friendship.

The clothes were so colorful.  Not sure what this occasion was, but am so appreciative that I was able to see them.

A poignant picture of a woman begging and the street cow being fed at a market.

This is just an overview, I have so much to share.  



  1. Wow! Looking forward to more... Excellent pictures and a great start to the stories...

    1. Thank you Peter, we were so in love with India, I didn't know how to start writing about it.


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