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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Adventures in India - Part 2 (Delhi)

Dear Family and Friends,

This first picture is of Chuck and I in Tucson, AZ the morning we departed for our trip.  We had spent the previous two weeks with Chuck's siblings and spouses. 

We flew to San Francisco and then on the Vancouver, BC.  We flew Air Canada to Delhi, a trip of fourteen hours.  Luckily we had the lay down seats and we were able to sleep on the way. 

Our tour officially started the morning after we arrived in Delhi.  (Thankful for the reclining seats.)  We did Delhi and New Delhi in one day.  We started off by visiting Jama Masjid, the largest and best-known mosque in India.

In order to enter the gate of the mosque, everyone had to take off their shoes.  The women had to wear these cover up gowns (like large hospital gowns.)  You can see some of the ladies outside the gate getting ready to enter.

Here is a picture of Chuck just inside the gate.

Not a great picture of the mosque but you get the idea. 

From the porch of the mosque looking back toward the gate.

We were not allowed to go inside the building, only to the porch. 

Below are some photos of the buildings in the old part of Delhi. 

This was probably a beautiful building when it was new.

This scene was very common in this part of Delhi.

There are many cars in India, but they are outnumbered about a hundred to one with motos and tuc-tuc style taxies.

The building with the golden dome is the Sikh Temple. 

We stopped for a visit there.  Sikhs are the bearded Indian men who wear the turbans on their heads.

We were able to go inside the temple, but only after we removed our shoes and socks and tied do-rags on our heads.  Here we are getting all our do's and don'ts (instructions) in the photo below.

The covered walkway going to the temple door.  Although we were able to go inside the temple, we were not allowed to take photos.

The most amazing thing about this temple is that they feed thousands of people every day.  All work in preparing the food is voluntary.  Anyone can show up for food no matter who they are or their circumstances.  All are welcome.

Here are some volunteers chopping up turnips.

We were able to go inside the huge kitchen to see the preparation. 

Here are some ladies helping with the (nan) flat bread.

This man is preparing one of the curries.

We also visited Humayuns Tomb.  It was the first of many huge buildings we visited that were built to house a deceased person.  These tombs are surrounded by beautiful gardens.  This tomb is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Entering the gardens.

The gate to the tomb is the white building.

Beautiful walkway.

Here are a couple of wide eyed tourists posing in front of the actual tomb.

We were able to go (barefooted) inside the tomb.  The windows and sunlight made for great photos.

When we were on our way back to the tour bus, I passed this family having their picture taken by a man, so I snapped a quick picture too as we went by.  Sweet kids.

The following morning we left for Jaipur, home of the "Pink City."

I will share about that in my next post.


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  1. Fascinating! That giant pot of curry is amazing. Great pictures.


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