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Monday, March 26, 2018

Adventures in India - Part 15 (The People)

Dear Family and Friends,

There is so much more I could share about our trip to India with you if I had the time.  Tomorrow, I am flying to Georgia to visit family, then meeting Chuck in Atlanta and we are flying to Washington to see more family.  

I want to be able to share some of that trip with you, hopefully in real time, since I will take my computer with me.

Back to India...

For this last post about India, I want to share what was most near and dear to my heart.....the people.

These folks are some of the kindest, friendliest, loving people I've ever met.

Here are a couple of kids ready to go to school.

This is just a man on the street.

A lovely family coming from the temple.

A lady on the street.

Cute sisters.

Man on the street.

I took this picture out of the tour bus window as we were going past her house.  

Little school boys waving to us bus full of tourists.

Man selling beads on the street.

A man riding the city bus. His bus was right beside ours. I held my camera up to the window and he shared his baby with me.

I met this lady in southern India.  

A precious girl at a party.

This man was serving me food.

Man on the street.

Two ladies picking up trash.

Two men walking outside our bus.

These two ladies wanted to have their picture taken with the tourist.  I felt so blessed by them.

Again, a man sharing his baby as I held up my camera to the bus window.

I asked this man if I could photograph him and he kindly obliged.

This doorman is greeting us at our hotel.

Namaste my friends.

I ran out of time before I ran out of things to share.  Maybe sometime when we are bored in Cuenca and I need to post to the blog, I will share more with you about India.



  1. What a wondeerful experience. Beautiful people, and I'm sure the food was excellent. Safe travels...

    1. Peter, you are so right, the experience was wonderful. Excited about hugging family very soon. Thank you for all your comments.


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