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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Adventures in India - Part 14 (Temples Galore)

Dear Family and Friends,

During our tour of southern India, we visited one to two temples almost every day.  Every time we went to an active temple, we had to remove our shoes.
Since I haven't gone barefoot for eons of time, I found this very uncomfortable, especially on the stone floors.

I really thought that going into the temples was going to be the highlight of our trip to southern India, but honestly, we went to so many that they started to just meld together.  After awhile the temples started to look the same.

Many were very colorful as in the picture below. 

Some were just marble or some other color.

What interested me, more than the actual temple and statues, was the activity we witnessed going on inside the temples.

I will share some of these with you.  The pictures below are from various temples we visited.

The ladies in the picture below are washing ceremonial utensils that are used inside the temple.

These sweet girls had performed a dance inside the temple.  Notice the henna decorated feet.

They were kind enough to show us some of the dance they performed.

In the picture below, the man in red is receiving some sort of grief counseling.  At least that what I think the guide told us. When one loses a parent, many people shave their heads in mourning.

I am not sure who these guys are, but they seem to be taking some sort of offerings into the temple

At this temple, blessings were bestowed by an elephant, but only after he received an offering.

Oil lamps being lit.

More rituals.

This little baby (below) is being held by his grandfather and getting his head shaved with a straight razor. (Yikes).

Our guide said this is done up to three years of age, usually at about one year. He said it is done for the spiritual benefit of the child.

His beautiful black curls lying on the floor.

Here I am getting into the spirit of things.  I am receiving a blessing.

All of these activities were extremely interesting to us because they are so alien to what we know.

Every day was a new experience.


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