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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Adventures in India - Part 6 (Route to Khajuraho)

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we took a morning train ride, and then took the rest of our journey by tour bus.  

We probably could have done it all by bus, but the tour company wanted us to have a train experience in India.  It was nothing like the train experiences in days past and they put us in a nice private air conditioned train car filled with other tourists. 

Below are some photos made in the train station.

A more traditional train on another track.

I was impressed with the strength of this porter at the station.

After we got off the train we were met with a new tour bus.  We drove from the train station to Khajuraho.

Here are some photos I made from the bus.

Small road side market.

Good tourist stuff to buy.  It is difficult to buy good cheap stuff when you are on a tour.  The tour tends to take you to "special" places where the goods are guaranteed and the cost is higher.

Street food vendor.  We never ate street food, but somehow I felt we were missing out on some good food.  On the other hand, we were healthy for the whole trip.

We stopped for a buffet lunch with this beautiful temple as a backdrop.

Here is your everyday cow in the street.

When we reached the hotel, the doorman obliged me with a photo in front of an ancient passenger cart.

Next post will be the beautiful Hindu temples we visited.



  1. Thanks you very much. I always travel together w you thru your blog. thanks again


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