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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Adventures in India - Part 7 (Temples of Khajuraho)

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we spent the day admiring the temples of Khajuraho.  They were built between 970 and 1030ad.

The carvings were beautiful.  It is incredible how well preserved most of them are.

The temples are famous for their erotic sculptors.  Although I photographed them, I am choosing not to include them in this post.

Below is a wonderful man greeting me.

A beautiful lady leaving one of the temples.

A couple of cut ups having a great time sight seeing.

After viewing the temples we took a flight to Varanasi.

We spent the next night and following morning on the Ganges river.

Can't wait to share that with you.



  1. The air quality must be good there for the carvings to be in such good shape. No acid rain. Beautiful people...

    1. Peter, I hadn't thought about acid rain, you are right. The air quality was good while we were there. Regarding the people, of all the sights we encountered by far the people mean't the most to me. You are right, they are absolutely beautiful, inside and out.


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