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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Adventures in India - Part 9 (Sunrise on the Ganges)

Dear Family and Friends,

We had to set our alarms for 4:30 am so that we could load on to the tour bus and be at the Ganges river to witness the sunrise.  After the wonderful experience from the evening before, no one wanted to miss it.

We walked the same route through the city to get to our boat, which was waiting for us on shore.

We were rowed out into the river while it was still dark.  

The cremations were continuing to take place nearby.

As the sky became pre-dawn pink, looking at the city of Varanasi from the boat was beautiful.

The clouds became a bright salmon color and the birds started to flurry about.

People started to drop bread crumbs in the river to feed them.

Finally, after much anticipation, a big round orange sun appeared, creeping up on the horizon.

After the sun came up a little more it was the beginning of a new day on the holy Ganges river.

This man is starting his day of washing clothes.

Our tour guide, who is Hindu, seemed to be really into this experience.  Actually, we all were.

Here is Chuck, with his Ecuadorian alpaca printed sweater, watching the sun rise in India.  

Many people were showing up to bathe in the Ganges.  We spent about two hours on the river and then our visit was over.  I really hated for it to end.

Our tour of northern India came to a close.  We flew back to Delhi, said goodbye to our new friends and to our wonderful tour guide.  The following morning they flew back home and we returned to the airport to fly to southern India to take another Gate1 tour.  

I will start sharing about that part of India in the next post.


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