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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Adventures in India - Part 10 (Entrepreneurs)

Dear Family and Friends,

We are in southern India for our second tour.  I have decided to post about topics for the second half of our tour, instead of day by day posts.

My first topic is entrepreneurs we saw in southern India.

Bringing in the fish.  These fishermen look pretty pleased with the days catch.

This guy makes pottery.

Here is a lady making some type of drink in her stand along side the highway.

Streetside cooks.  

Then there were the motorcycle vendors.  Selling things from their moto.

This guy sells honey.  I don't think you can get much fresher than buying comb and all.

This guy is selling clothing, towels and other items from his motorcycle.

And this guy has a full supply of any size pot you would need for your kitchen.  I was amazed at what people sold from motorcycles.

We saw tons of women selling flowers.  

Lots of people selling beads also.

But, my friends, this is my favorite entrepreneur.

Man with a fortune telling parrot.

Below is the star of the show.  I notice he also has a guinea pig in the box, not sure what it does.

The customer pays and then the parrot pulls cards from the stack until he gets to the customers fortune or until he gets tired. (who knows?)

Here is one of our tour mates reading her fortune.  

Next time I will share about our fun trip at a produce market.


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