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Monday, September 2, 2019

Outrunning hurricane Dorian...

Dear Family and Friends,

I was due to fly out of Quito tonight (Monday night)  for a visit to Georgia.   

Last Thursday night I was on the internet and learned that hurricane Dorian was headed to Florida and was expected to hit sometime on Monday.

On Friday morning I called Delta airlines and changed my flight to that evening.  While I packed my suitcase Chuck went downtown and changed my ticket on Latam from Cuenca to Quito.  

I flew out of Quito and had an uneventful flight to Atlanta and then on to Columbus, GA.  

Now I am sitting at my sister's house, watching the weather channel.  I think I did the right thing to change my flight but it will be interesting watching what happens through the day on Monday to find out what happens.

Hopefully the hurricane will turn and stay out to sea, but only time will tell.

Thank you Chuck for helping me get out of Ecuador and fly to Atlanta ahead of the storm.

Happy Labor Day everyone.


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