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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Visiting Family and Friends in Georgia

Dear Family and Friends,

I returned home last week from Georgia.  Columbus, Georgia is where I was born and it is always a great pleasure to go back and visit. 

Although the weather was hot, we did not experience any effects of the hurricane.  In this day of air conditioned homes and automobiles it is not too bad.  I do wonder, however, how I endured the hot humid summers of my youth without air conditioning.  We played outside during the summer, always with bare feet, and were delighted when the popsicle man would come by our house in the afternoon.  For a nickel we had a nice cold, sweet treat, but because of the heat and humidity, by the time we finished eating it we were a mess.  Long sweet, sticky, colorful streaks running down our arms and legs.  Mom would clean us up outside before letting us come inside the house.

Being able to visit and hug so many people who were an integral part of my childhood brings me so much joy.

The week long visit consisted of visiting family and friends.

Here is my Aunt Opal.  She is my mother's younger sister and was such a big part of my childhood.  She is 94 years old and is doing great.  You might recall that Aunt Opal visited with us in Cuenca about 7 or 8 years ago.  

One day the cousins from my dad's side of the family met together and enjoyed lunch at Country's Barbecue.

Another day my cousins from my mother's side of the family met at Rosehill Seafood for catfish. 

The lovely lady, in a yellow top, at the end of the table is my Aunt Betty.  She is Aunt Opal's younger sister.  

On another day, some friends from high school met at Cook's for scrambled dogs.  

Most of all, I was lucky to spend a whole week with my little sister, Mary Anne.  When not visiting family, we were out shopping.

I had a wonderful week.  So thankful that I can return home now and then to get recharged with hugs and love.  

Chuck and I are going to be touring right here in Ecuador next week.  I will share about that after we return.


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