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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Mexico City Tour

Dear Family and Friends,

We started our Gate 1 tour this morning by meeting in the lobby of our hotel.  We are very fortunate to have a wonderful tour guide, Ivan, and a bunch of wonderful folks (and quickly to be friends) to be traveling with.  

Today we are touring Mexico City.  Our first stop is the Anthropology Museum.  We are traveling in a comfortable motor coach.  Below is a couple of happy old folks to be on this tour.

The center of Mexico City is very modern.  Many tall beautiful buildings and public areas.  Below are some of the photos I could make from the window of our bus.

Many statues and works of art line the tree canopied avenues.

This bench intrigued me.  It looks like four "electric chairs".  Not sure what the meaning is.

I noticed that people here que at the bus stop.  The first time I saw this was when we were in Japan.  Everyone waits in a long line, not crowding the side walk, and loading the bus on a first come, first board basis.  So civilized.

We finally arrived at the Museum of Anthropology.  We were greeted outside by this tall statue of the Aztec "rain god."

This is the inner courtyard of the museum.

I have posted many photos from inside this museum from our last visit.  I encourage you to click this link to see the inside.  Photos inside Museum

After touring the museum, we walked along the oldest street in Mexico City, which is now a pedestrian only street.

Since we are here in the first part of November, there are many decorations from the "Day of the Dead" celebration.  These skeletons on a bench were popular with tourists for photos.

This is the gold gilded "Angel of Independence Statue."

I was surprised to learn that Mexico City even has a small China Town.  

The photo below is the Bella Arts theater.  A national theater much like the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C   but much older and definitely more ornate.

Many organ grinders in the tourist areas.  

Oldest cathedral in Mexico City.

A view of the tourist street.

A couple greeting us pedestrians from the balcony above.

Below are a couple of street entertainers.

Enough for today, tomorrow we leave Mexico City and travel to Puebla.  I hope you will be joining us.

Love you,


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