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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Corpus Christi in Cuenca - Globos

Dear Family and Friends,

Another aspect of the Corpus Christi celebrations going on here in Cuenca are the "globos." These are mini hot air balloons. These particular globos were made from light weight paper and had light weight frames to hold their shape. I have seen them before made from simple plastic bags like you get at the local grocery store for carrying groceries.

There is some sort of fuel, don't know what, that is connected to the bottom of the globos. This is ignited and the globo floats up and off into the sky. When several of them are sent up in succession it is an awesome sight to behold.

The people in this video are using hands full of ignited straw to light the fuel on the globos in this video.

Once again, I uploaded the video to You Tube. If you would like to see them click on the following link:

Next, I will upload a video of a fireworks tower.


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