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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photos of Vilcabamba - 2

Dear Family and Friends,

Most every day we were in Vilcabamba we would walk into town. The walk was always an adventure because we never knew what we would see on the way there. We saw many animals, birds and flowers in our walks. Today I will share some of them with you.

This first little guy was one of four burros that were being loaded into a truck. They were being taken to work in the sugar cane fields. This is a very hard job for the burros. I really hated to think that everyday they are faced with such hard labor. He looks tired already.

This burro we saw just inside of town. He looks much healthier and is probably used only for transportation and carrying loads. The dish in front of him has food or water for him. I got the feeling that someone cares about him.

We saw some beautiful chickens and roosters. Here is a pair. The hen, I think, is nesting right in the dirt.

Right in Vilcabamba on the main plaza was a store that always had these two parrots out front. I assume their wings were clipped. They were always sitting on this rope that was strung across for them.

One afternoon we took a nice hike and ended up at a "bird zoo." This vulture was very interesting looking. Normally, vultures are quite ugly but this one was so colorful around his neck and head.

A close up of his head....

On one of our walks we looked up to see several horses running down the road. Luckily, I was able to get this picture as we were headed for the ditch.

Since Vilcabamba has a more tropical climate than Cuenca the flowers were abundant and beautiful. When I see such pretty flowers I have to take pictures....

This little guy was interesting to me because it appears to have tiny flowers blooming right on top of it.

Another beautiful flower....

and others....

And this last picture is a super close up of a poinsettia. It looks like it has little Martians on it singing their hearts out. You can see the antenna on their heads and they appear to be crooning a tune.

Tomorrow I will wrap up on Vilcabamba so I can get back to posting about our life in Cuenca.


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