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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sailing a Tall Ship

Dear Family and Friends,

While here in the Bay of Islands we decided to do some sailing.  There are so many choices of boats and sailing experiences available.

We chose to go on the R. Tucker Thompson sail boat for a full day of sailing.

This ship is called a square rigger and you can find out more about it by clicking here.

We started out by taking an early morning ferry across the bay to Russell where the tall ship lives.  We boarded the ship and set out right away.

It was quite an experience.  Looking up at the mast we felt so small.

Although the ship has a capacity of 45 passengers there were only 16 of us aboard.  

Before lunch, we anchored near an island and some of the passengers jumped right off the side of the ship for a swim.

For all of our poor frozen North American friends, a reminder that New Zealand is in the middle of their summer.

After lunch the winds picked up and all the sails were set.  What an experience.

It was so special....we were going as fast as 9 knots and it was so quiet.  No noise.

We had a great adventure today.


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