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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Theodore Roosevelt National Park - Buffalos

Dear Family and Friends,

After seeing the giant buffalo statue in Jamestown, ND, I told Matt that I hoped we would see some for real when we get to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park on the other side of the state.  We had no idea what was in store for us.  Holy cow (pardon the pun), did we see buffalos!

Chuck and I have been to this park in the past and we felt lucky if we sighted one in the distance.

When we got to the park we stopped at the visitors center.  We asked the park ranger where would we be likely to see buffalo.  She said we could see them anywhere in the park, they sometimes hang out in the camping area.  When I looked surprised, she added that the buffalo act as they own the park.

I don't know why we were fortunate enough to see so many wild animals.  Maybe it was the time of year.....there were hardly any tourists yet.  One thing about visiting the park this time of year, we were able to see lots of babies.

  They graze in small herds (families)

This time of year all the coat built up over the winter is now itchy and needs to come off.  We enjoyed watching the creative ways they found to scratch the itch and remove the fur.

This guy is scratching on the road guard.

This fellow is rolling in the dirt.

Yes, they do act like they own the park.  These buffalo were in the road quite awhile before they made room for this car to pass.  They do not seem to be afraid of us humans, but there were signs everywhere warning us not to approach these wild animals.

Adorable babies....maybe twins.

I love this picture of mama and baby.

Not all the buffalo are in small herds.  We saw several old bachelors who have lost their families to a stronger male buffalo.

We certainly got our itch to see buffalo scratched!

Now we are off to Deadwood, South Dakota.


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