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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

China - Detian Waterfalls

Dear Family and Friends,

One of the most beautiful sights in China is right on the border of Viet Nam. It is a waterfall that is half in Viet Nam and half in China. The picture below is of both parts of the waterfall. The right waterfall is in China.

Here is a view of the waterfall on the Chinese side.

And here is a view of the waterfall on the Viet Nam side.

We went down to the water, boarded a raft and went very close to the falls.

Everything is so green and lush. Absolutely beautiful. We then hiked up beside the falls to the top.  

At the top of the falls, I looked back and was astonished to see this boy standing right at the edge of where the water spills over the falls.

Here is Chuck checking out the surrounding area.

We hiked from the Chinese waterfall to the border of Viet Nam just so we could stick our toe across the line.

There were several cute ponies ready to carry you there if you were so inclined. 

We chose to hike over and here is Chuck posing at the border.

We were allowed to cross over into a small market.

These are a sample of what type of items were available. The big item to buy was Vietnamese coffee.

On our way back to China, we passed a pony doing his work.  Poor guy.

My next post will be about odds and ends, pictures from China that I want to share with you, but did not fit into the posts.


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