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Thursday, January 12, 2017

China - Odds and Ends Pictures

Dear Family and Friends,

Today's pictures are some that I didn't include in posts but wanted to share with you.  I have them somewhat categorized.


We all know that China has no respect for brand names.  They are famous for their imitation designer watches and purses. Here are some pictures I made of knock off stores.

7-11 and Starbucks side by side. Look closely.

Here's another, LFC instead of KFC. They even have an imitation colonel.



What do you think about this kiddie seat attached to this scooter?

We saw many of these vehicles in southern China.  I guess you might call them a truck...or something.  It looks like they have been around for a long time, they must be dependable to have lasted so long.

This lady is balancing in back of a tuk tuk (a three wheeled scooter). Note the chair that is propped on the back.  Hope they made it to their destination all right.

This young lady is taking her two dogs with her. Good balancing act for the big dog.

This little boy is entertaining his little brother by pulling him along. I love this picture. I guess it counts as transportation.


This guy was dancing while throwing noodles into the pot. He was quite good.

Pig snouts, pig ears, and no telling what other pig parts for your eating enjoyment.

These ladies are making sausages. I don't know what they are stuffed with.

I can't say for sure, but this looks like a dish of rats.

This could be a great picture to put on the refrigerator if you made a New Years resolution to lose weight.


I snapped this photo from the car window as we were passing him in the road. They are so plentiful in southern China. They play an important role in farming. I think he was returning home from work.

Here is another one eating rice stubble in the field. 


We saw rice being dried in the field

and on the sidewalks.


I met this old lady on the street. She was seated outside her door and as I walked by she wanted me to come sit beside her. She radiated can see it in the picture. Her sweet soul blessed me so much.

She told me that she is 96 years old. She said that she can hardly see, hardly hear and has lost most of her hair. What a dear sweet lady. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend a few moments with her.

This raps up our China trip. Thanks for coming along through our pictures.

After China we flew to Singapore and boarded a cruise ship, I will tell you where we went in my next post if you care to continue with us on our journey.


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