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Monday, February 6, 2017

Activity Filled Last Day in Mexico City.

Dear Family and Friends,

On Saturday morning Chuck and I headed over to the Alameda Park.  Many vendors were there for the weekend with booth after booth of tourist type items for sale.

Here are some examples of their wares.



Copper Pots

Good Luck Rabbit Foot Key Chains  -  I haven't seen one of these for ages.  I am thinking that maybe they cannot be sold in the US anymore?

After a late breakfast, we headed to the Museum of Memory and Tolerance.  On the way, we saw this Organ Grinder. Actually he was not the only one in downtown. About every three or four blocks there would be another one dressed exactly like this man.

I know I said in my last post that I would share about our visit to the Museum of Tolerance.  But I cannot share it in this post. This museum stirred up so many feelings inside me that I will have to share it in future post.

After visiting the Museum of Tolerance we went to the Museum of Popular Art. This was a fun museum and I am happy to share a few pictures of what we saw.

Tons of fun stuff.

After the second museum, Chuck suggested that we go to the tall building, Torre Latinoamerican, that has an observation deck on top, to watch the sun set.  So off we went.

The pollution prevented us from actually seeing the sun set but I got a couple of photos of the city below to share.

The first is the main plaza of the city, known as Zocalo. 

The second picture is right below us. It is of the opera house and is known as the Palacio of Bella Artes.

This is a very beautiful building. We were privileged to attend the Ballet Folkloric show in this building on Sunday morning before heading to Puebla, Mexico.

Here is a picture I made Sunday morning of the theater at ground level.

Here are a few pictures from that performance.

Today we are off to start sightseeing in Puebla.



  1. That popular art museum looks like my kind of place!

    1. Yes, Audrey, it would definitely be your kind of place. Fun exhibits!

  2. The one and only time I was in Mexico city was in 1965. I was ten years old. Now I long to go back... Maybe next winter... I love the VW beetle! Great pictures!

    1. Peter, we were there about 25 years ago. The city has changed a lot since we were there before.


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