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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What I learned and took away from the Museum of Memory and Tolerance

Dear Family and Friends,

I wanted to share about the Museum of Memory and Tolerance, but when I tried to do so, it became much more involved than I wanted to put in the post for that day. 

I decided to share how the exhibit affected me and what I brought away from it in this separate post. Please excuse my rambling thoughts. 

When we got to the museum I was shocked at the displays about the Holocaust.  It was so well done. It started out with how the people of Germany were convinced, through propaganda, that they were better than other people who were, although born in Germany, did not have "German Blood." Over a very short period of time this led to the people of Germany allowing the government to discriminate against their Jewish neighbors. 

I, of course, already knew the outcome for the Jews. That is why I had a deep unsettled feeling in this early part of the exhibit. 

I also had a deep unsettled feeling because what I was seeing and witnessing seems so familiar with what is happening right now in our own country. Discrimination and separation.

But during these early days the citizens of Germany must not have had any idea of what was going to happen to their Jewish neighbors.  If they had, certainly they would have found a way to stop it???

I am 70 years old, born at the end of WWII. Probably 85% - 90% of the population in the U.S., who are younger than me, have little knowledge of this time. I do not know what is being taught in schools, what is being discussed in the homes about this dark time. Has enough time passed that we as humans are ripe for being lead down this dark path again?

I hear and read news everyday.  Just because I have always known something, does not necessarily make it real and true.  My whole life I have been taught things in church, school and home. I always accepted what I was taught to be the truth and how things are.

One thing I personally brought away from this exhibit was the need of a litmus test for the truth. I hear so many things every day from the media, people in power and even my friends and neighbors. What should I believe? What is real? How can I prevent myself from blindly following what might not be true? Where can it lead if I do?

I have a deep knowing that we are here on this planet, experiencing this existence, by design, from a loving creator. I do not believe that the separation of people by race, religion or political beliefs was ever intended as part of the loving creation of this planet. 

We, as humans, are obviously pliable. Look how many different religions and political systems there are. Each of these were man created to have dominion over other men. 

My litmus test for the truth is my heart. Does the information resonate with the part of me that is connected through love with my creator? We are all on this planet together. To separate ourselves only causes sadness and fear because that is not how we were created to live. Tolerance is so necessary to live as we were intended, in love and peace.  

Much love,


  1. Thank you Nancy. The love in your heart shines through.

    1. Karen, I think with FB we are all get information overload. I think we all need something to help us know what to believe. Seeing this exhibit really brought home to me the possibilities of what could happen, especially if we repeat what we don't know to be true.

  2. Living together in harmony is an impossible quest. There will always be an oppressor, sadly... It's good to have museums like this sothat younger generations will learn from them. I grew up in the Netherlands where the world wars are part of history lessons in schools. Still to this day there is a level of distrust towards Germany...

    Watching the news daily is a good way to be in the know of how things are developing in the world today, and I am sure that we are once again headed for major conflict. South America seems like a safe place to be...


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